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Moped Games
Based in Viborg,

Release Date:
September 08 2017



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USD $10


Scuffle Scoundrels is a free-for-all arcade brawl. It's played in short bursts by 2 to 4 people who want to challenge their friendship. It's got explosive powerups, hazardous obstacles, and four imposing captains to choose from. Flank your friends and let them taste the hot end of your cannons. In this fast paced pirate romp it is sink or be sunk!

In your eagerness for booty the scoundrels managed to sink the treasure galleon before you could board it. Now it is all about pointing fingers... and cannons! Sink your rivals over and over to gain gold coins. Gather the most before the bomb blows and you win. Gather ten coins and win instantly!


Scuffle Scoundrels, started as a retro arcade game built out of an old baby stroller. Made in ten days for the international Post-apocalyptic Live event Sunfall, where participants could play the game while immersed in a fallen world.

New life:
For a while that was all it was, until Moped Games picked it up, sprinkled a dash their own family friendly flavor on top, and expanded the universe of the Scoundrels, characters was developed, graphics was improved and lots of love was given. The game came out the other end, brimming with color and personality!


  • 2 Minutes of hectic scallywagging action!
  • An intense tiebreaker!
  • 4 dazzling characters, each with their own unique ship!
  • 3 obstacles either swallow you, slow you to a crawl, or blow you up!
  • 3 potent powerups to give you the upper hand!
  • A swashbuckling original soundtrack by Morten Gildberg!

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    Meet Moped Games:

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    Selected Articles

    Spearhead Nordic

    "What is a ship without its captain and crew? They...designed a marvelous line-up of creative characters, making the game radiate with personality and humor."

    Game Hub Scandinavia

    "..each want to have the big treasure, of course, that's what pirate captains want!"

    About Moped Games

    Moped Games is striving to make as many zany, colorful games as we possibly can, and hoping to involve you in the process! With our background in animation, our games rely heavily on characters, style and family-friendly fun. Expect to meet lovable personalities, in splendid universes!

    Scuffle Scoundrels Credits

    Peter Meldgaard - Artistic Lead
    Siri de Neergaard - Character Designer
    Steffen Hansson - Animator
    Morten Gildberg - Composer
    Esben Thalsø-Madsen - Additional Art
    Sara Aunbirk - Additional Concept Design
    Morten Sørensen - Technical Lead